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Did you know that only 20% of businesses listed for sale actually do sell? That is an alarming statistic. What if there was a way that you could not only increase the likelihood that your business would sell, but also increase the price that it will sell for?

It is not uncommon that we meet with business owners thinking about a future strategic exit from their business, who are not quite ready to sell yet. However, they would like to know what they can do now to prepare their business for the future! In building Prep to Sell, we have armed entrepreneurs with 13 key drivers that can maximize the value of their business, so they can reap a higher return upon sale, as well as how to make it more alluring to potential buyers.

If you are thinking about selling your business in the next two years, this program is the secret to a successful transaction.

About the Program

Do you own a company that you would like to sell in a few years time? As a business owner, it is never too early to consider your exit strategy. While you may thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your company, you may not be as confident in your ability to effectively sell your business while also maximizing the value of your legacy. Maybe you have concerns about what a potential buyer is looking for? We can help you start addressing those concerns now so that you can walk away satisfied with the eventual sale of your company.

This is why we created the Prep to Sell program. Our program offers owners consultative support to assist with the transition from owning a business to selling one. This program takes place over the course of 12 months and can either be delivered virtually through our online learning platform or in person with access to a dedicated consultant.

Direct ROI and Impact to Your Sale Price

Review of your company may also lead to areas of expense reduction and/or revenue improvement that results in enhancing the value of the business. Prior clients have seen as much as an 80% increase in the value of their business over just an 18 month period.

Who is the Program for?

Many business owners are unsure as to the saleability of their company – maybe they think it is too small or too niche. However, the truth is that any business has value if it is packaged and priced correctly for the current market!

This program is decided for business owners that are looking to sell their company to an outside party in the next one to three years.  The program is based on national data so it can work with a variety of industries including but not limited to service-based companies, construction, restaurant, retail, manufacturing, distribution,  marketing, and e-commerce. If you have a question about the fit of the program for your company, contact us.

Benefits of the Program

There are multiple benefits to signing on with the Prep to Sell program. These three will be the most impactful for you during this process.

Reduced Buyer Concerns

Our program is developed based on direct market and buyer feedback. By focusing on areas buyers are concerned with, plans can be made to eliminate deal killers and increase the attractiveness of your business to the marketplace.

Improved Financial Considerations

By focusing on preparations for your business, you and our team can help find areas of your business that can be maximized. Since most businesses are acquired for a multiple of earnings, every $1 discovered can translate into a much larger sale value.

Transition Assistance

By completing this program, you will develop a transition plan when and if you are ready to sell focused on what the market truly values. Each program as has additional resources and vetted partners should you need further assistance.

Why You Need the Program

While enjoying our expert consulting services, you will learn more about maximizing the value of your business by addressing your books and records, identifying possible legal concerns, preparing for a successful transition from an emotional and operational standpoint and much more. The topics we have chosen to focus on coming from direct feedback from buyers regarding the types of businesses they are looking to acquire as well as drivers that will increase their purchase price.

Our Prep to Sell program has two primary goals when working with any business ready to go to market.

1. This program will help to improve your company’s financial performance, thereby enhancing its fair market value.

2. Our program is designed to expertly advise the visionary entrepreneur in preparing their business for an acquisition while at the same time reducing potential buyer concerns.

Currently, only 20% of small businesses are sold leaving many hard-working business owners to close their doors. Our goal is to raise that number to 40%, even 50%, using our proven processes and industry expertise. At the end of the day we love small business and try our best to advocate for the small business owner and provide valuable resources, so they don’t become a statistic. The Prep to Sell program will allow us to not only benefit business owners but the community and the economy at large.

It’s time you viewed your company as a valuable asset and take the steps necessary to carry on your legacy!


“Our participation in the Prep to Sell program helped change the direction and focus of our business. Our consultant was knowledgeable, thorough, fun to work with, and provided us with great advice.

Prep to Sell’s analysis validated many of our business processes and confirmed we were doing a lot of things right. Their recommendations provided a clear roadmap of areas where we could improve, which would result in added value to the business. For example, they suggested defining greater segmentation on revenue categories to really understand where sales were coming from, and also offered numerous options and recommendations for pricing of products that we had not considered. These recommendations were implemented in a short time period with great success.

I would highly recommend the Prep to Sell Program to any business owner who wants to get their business ready for sale.”

Medical Device Client, March 2018

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If you are interested in working with us, Prep to Sell can be delivered in two different formats.

1. Online Virtual Learning: This program is best for the business owner that is budget conscious with both their time and money. Delivered in our online learning platform with options for downloadable PDF and audio content, this program is delivered over a 12-month period with a new focus area each month. Click here to learn more.

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2. Personal ConsultingWork better with a consultant or accountability coach? This program gives you access to our online learning platform and all of its features, but you are also matched with an expert business broker and Prep to Sell consultant. Each consultant will meet with you quarterly to help identify and execute specific value drivers in YOUR business as well as prepare an updated valuation each quarter. To learn more click here or schedule a consultation below.

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Still Not Sure?

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