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Prepare For Your Future

Did you know that only 20% of businesses listed for sale actually do sell? That is an alarming statistic. What if there was a way that you could not only increase the likelihood that your business would sell, but also increase the price that it will sell for?

It is not uncommon that we meet with business owners thinking about a future strategic exit from their business, who are not quite ready to sell yet. However, they would like to know what they can do now to prepare their business for the future! In building Prep to Sell, we have armed entrepreneurs with 13 key drivers that can maximize the value of their business, so they can reap a higher return upon sale, as well as how to make it more alluring to potential buyers.

If you are thinking about selling your business in the next two years, this program is the secret to a successful transaction.

Why THIS Program?

There are a lot of exit planners and prepping your business for sale programs on the market, so why invest your time and energy in THIS program?

We are strong believers that a business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. What makes Prep to Sell different, is that the program was built on market dynamics. From our experience of brokering hundreds of business sales every year and working with thousands of buyers, we have compiled what the market wants! The entire program and 13 key drivers are built on direct feedback from buyers telling us what they use to value — and devalue — a business. And because of our experience and hands-on involvement in the industry, if buyers needs change so does the program! 

If you are looking for a program or coach that is using Ivy League theory or statistics to drive your business value, this is not a fit for you. But, if you want a program that is going to give you access to exactly what the market saying and what buyers will pay for then click here to get started.


The Prep to Sell Program

Our Prep to Sell Program takes place over the course of twelve months, for one full year of consultative support. During the program, business owners will receive guidance from a professional Prep to Sell consultant while taking a deep-dive into their business identifying opportunities for improvement along the way. The program starts with an initial business valuation completed by your consultant to explore the current status of your company and to provide a benchmark for further improvement. After the initial consultation, the business owner will receive access to exclusive content to steer them through the preparation process and galvanize them to push their business to the next level. Throughout the year, owners will participate in milestone check-ins with their consultant to review their program process and develop their next actionable steps.

Our twelve-month program is designed to maximize your return on investment so you can feel confident in your future exit from your business. Each program has different areas of emphasis, designed to address individual issues and opportunities in your business. A sample plan is below. 

Quarter 1

We will begin the program with a kick off meeting. During this meeting we will discuss your goals and expectations and determine the value of your business as it exists today through a Market Price Opinion.

Quarter 2-4

With the initial analysis complete, we will continue to assist you through a series of check in meetings and conversations to ensure the development of your business is on track and to continue to support your future exit goals.


Topics covered during the 1st quarter of consultation

  • Financial Statements & Controls
  • Owner Transfer
  • Deal Structure

Topics covered during the 3rd quarter of consultation

  • Technology, Equipment & Assets
  • Customers & Sales
  • Management & People
  • Marketing & Branding

Topics covered during the 2nd quarter of consultation

  • Lease & Location
  • Legal Strength
  • Processes & Systems

Topics covered during the 4th quarter of consultation

  • Products & Vendors
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Growth & Scale

Work With Us

Like most services, our Prep to Sell program is not a fit for every business. Prep to Sell is designed for companies and business owners that are one to three years away from a sale. Most clients we work with have built a strong, successful business but want to take it to the next level to ensure they can maximize the value they receive from a sale.

To see if our consulting services are a good fit for you, please schedule a consultation with one of our brokers.

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