How It Works

How It Works

Download our infographic to learn how the prep to sell program works!

Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting the business owner meets with their business broker to discuss the prep to sell program, and evaluate if it is a fit for the business owner’s future goals.

Sign Contract

Once the business owner and their business broker decide that the program will help the owner meet their strategic goals, the owner will sign the prep to sell contract and pay the program fee.

Submit Documentation

Now is when the meat of the prep to sell program begins! The business owner will submit documentation to their business broker so they may begin the business evaluation process. This documentation will include their lease, profit and loss statements, tax returns and an asset list for the business.


For the next step, the business broker will interview the business owner in  person or over the phone to learn more about their business, their specific program goals, and any specific timelines.

Evaluation & Focus Area Development

Now that the broker is familiar with their client’s business, they will complete a base line evaluation for the business owner. This evaluation will develop an initial valuation of the business and outline focus areas that can be improved upon to build its value, reduce buyer concerns, and prepare for a future sale. It is at this stage, that the business owner will choose the focus areas they want to commit to for the program and begin the work of moving their business forward.

Q1 Check In

Now that the business owner has been immersed in the program for some time, they will have a program review and check in with their business broker. During this check in the business broker will present valuable information & resources, evaluate their progress, answer any questions, and focus on next steps for the business owner in the following quarter.

Q2, Q3, & Q4 Check In

Throughout the prep to sell program, the business broker and business owner will have quarterly check in meetings similar to Q1 to present information, check on program process, and make plans for the next quarter’s focus.

Annual Review

The final step in the prep to sell program is the annual review. During this step the business broker will re-evaluate the business and share a new valuation of the business with the owner. Based on the valuation and the owner’s  goals, they can decide to list their business for sale, renew the program for an additional year, or enjoy their business as it stands.

Next Steps

Once a business owner has completed the prep to sell program they have three options for their possible next steps.

  1. Most owners will move forward with the sale of their business, having built additional value into their small business during the course of the program. 
  2. Some owners may like to continue to maximize the value of their small business and will choose to continue with the program for an additional year.
  3. Even still, some business owners may choose to continue running the day-to-day operations of their business and enjoy the added value they’ve built into it.

Work With Us

Like most services, our Prep to Sell program is not a fit for every business. Prep to Sell is designed for companies and business owners that are one to three years away from a sale. Most clients we work with have built a strong, successful business but want to take it to the next level to ensure they can maximize the value they receive from a sale.

To see if our consulting services are a good fit for you, please schedule a consultation with one of our brokers.

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